Enterprise Diagnostic Imaging

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We have to admit – we’re diagnostic imaging geeks. We’ve done RFPs and selection projects for Radiology PACS and RIS, Cardiology CVIS, Hemodynamics, and CPACS, and enterprise imaging planning for Vendor Neutral Archiving and support for emerging “Ologies” like Pathology, Endoscopy, and integration with traditional Enterprise Document Management solutions.

Having covered all aspects of diagnostic imaging, we’re uniquely positioned to provide an enterprise view, designing roadmaps that account for unique toolset requirements for specialists, the high-throughput and performance needs of the diagnostician, and zero-footprint imaging-anywhere access for referring physicians and patients.

Specific engagements have included:

  • Radiology PACS selection and implementation planning
  • Multi-project Program management (RIS, PACS, Dictation, VNA coordinated effort)’
  • Cardiology RFPs – Hemodynamics, CVIS, PACS
  • Vendor Neutral Archive and Enterprise Imaging strategic planning

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