Business Intelligence and Analytics

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We can help break past the buzzword of “Big Data” and guide your teams through vendor assessments, team staffing models, and data governance frameworks. We understand that the analytics needs of a contract management department are different than the needs of a cardiovascular service line, and can design enterprise governance to make sure these unique needs are met in an coordinated fashion, preventing the development of silos. We can help you find ways to strategically partner with BI and Analytics vendors while building up competencies in your own team.

Most importantly, as you look to select a vendor or toolset, we can help get you past the marketing speak and assess potential partners based on not only what they say they can do, but what we’ve seen them deliver at other clients.

Specific engagements have included:

  • Enterprise BI strategic planning and roadmap development
  • RFI and RFP for enterprise and departmental analytics tools
  • Enterprise data governance strategy and implementation
  • Staffing and workflow analysis for analytics departents
  • Analytics team insource/outsource planning, vendor partnerships, and IP sharing models

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